Monthly Archives: June 2008

The campaign to save the delta hottens up

I’ve been travelling the past few days but am now in Nairobi and turned up at the East African Wildlife Society offices just before lunch today to get some info for the website only to be met by Peter Odhiambo, the Wetlands Forum Coordinator, crossing the compound to the meeting room. Going with him […]

Urgent appeal to save a highly threatened and critically important wetland

In the last blog I outlined the situation with the Tana River Delta – that of an incredibly rich and diverse wetland for both wetland and its value for the local human communities living there (with c. 30,000 head of cattle dependent on it) that is imminently threatened with destruction through conversion to sugarcane. The […]

Fighting hard to save a very special threatened wetland

It’s a shame to have to start off this blog with such an urgent and potentially discouraging message, but we have come on line at just the right time to add our voice to the outcry to try and stop what would be probably The most tragic of environmental disasters Kenya will have experienced in […]