Monthly Archives: December 2008

Final tally for Ngulia ringing this year tops 20,000 – and a Sovenian Marsh Warbler to end on

Well… it has taken till now to finalise the tally for the number of birds ringed at Ngulia in the 2008 session. David has trogged through the 5 ringing books and reports 20,278 Palaearctic migrants ringed of which 59% were Marsh Warblers – an unprecedented number of them and by far the highest proportion we’ve […]

Comings & Goings

Most of the ARK staff have either started or are about to start their long summer breaks now but Mwamba is far from quiet as December is set to be our busiest month for guests so far this year. Our Centre Managers are about to go holiday but as they leave others are arriving to […]

Spreading the conservation net

On Tuesday a 5 day journey began for the Assets team across the Arabuko Sokoke Forest region. The purpose was to meet with as many of the Assets beneficiaries as possible for conservation classes. These classes are compulsory for those who want to receive the bursaries and ensure that the students understand why they receive […]

Two new species for the year – Blackcap and ‘Bog Thrush’

It was my last night at Ngulia. David (Pearson) and the remaining 5 were staying on till Sunday but I had to get back to Nairobi for meetings. As I was driving the small blue Nissan Sunny back to Nairobi (3-4 hours drive) I didn’t want to have to get up at 1am to ring […]

Best mist so far and highest night catch with reduced team

The weather yesterday afternoon felt and looked more hopeful – it was more humid and the wind was from the east with a lot of cumulus cloud around. Sure enough before 1:00am the mist was down and we had the two night nets up and by 2:30am had woken the whole team to assist with […]

A second clear night… but why ring birds anyway?

Aish! A second clear night meaning yet again no ringing at night and up at 5:15am to open the nets at 5:40am to see what if anything we might get. Only 83 Palaearctic migrants caught – including the 10 Barn Swallows we caught in the swallow nets!) and yet again comments from Mike that for […]

Not a wisp of mist means more rhinos seen than birds caught!

Well it had to happen at some point… yes, no mist. We went to bed last night fearing the worst as we could see stars after supper and it had got quite chilly. Gitau had volunteered to get up at midnight to check – though Scopus said he’d back him up as from his experience […]

11gram Marsh Warbler flies 6,863kms from France to Kenya.

This is one of the most exciting moments for a ringer – firstly actually catching a bird wearing a ring that someone else has attached to the bird and particularly if that place was a long way from where you are. Secondly getting the information back about the bird – where it was ringed, when […]

Stunning blue, violet, green and red Allen’s Gallinule caught… in a bedroom!!

¬†At dinner last night we really thought we were going to be busy… it was raining and the mist was swirling in already and birds pirouetting around the lights and settling in the trees. The leopard had come already and there were very few tourists so we were tempted to put the nets up at […]