Monthly Archives: January 2009

New Year New Start

Stanley leading a session during the vision day With impecable African timing Monday was the official start of the year for Arocha Kenya. With all the staff back from their summer breaks a day was put aside to discuss the aims and vision for the year. Topics such as team building, finance and administration, programme […]

Invaders from the North

At a few minutes past midnight on Tuesday morning Mwamba was taken over by a Finish invasion. 16 students, their teachers and driver arrived from the University of Helsinki. They’re travelling each day to Arabuko Sokoke, Mida Creek and as far as Dakatcha Woodlands to study the local geography and botany. Unfortunately, on the way […]

Post Christmas and Mwamba’s still busy…

Hello and a Happy New Year to all our supporters. Christmas has been a busy time at Mwamba, if my calculations are correct we had 30 people for Christmas dinner including staff, volunteers, pre booked guests and some last minute additions. We were so full that some people camped while others slept on the roof. […]