Monthly Archives: September 2009

Little Stint no-show at Sabaki River bird count

Early Saturday morning found us piling into the pick-up truck and making the drive to the Sabaki River, north of Malindi. There, we met the local bird enthusiast group, the ‘Sabaki Skimmers’ – Dixon, Michael, Joseph, Patrick and Sammy all guys from the village who are excited by conservation. A long walk through muddy mangroves […]

Volunteer ringing and an ancient brownbul

Hi, my name is Rehema Safari and I come from Watamu. I finished my ecotourism diploma in Air Travel and Related Studies Centre in Nairobi and came back to my home town and volunteer with A Rocha Kenya. Being a bird enthusiast, I was very excited when I got to do the bird ringing training […]

Surprise visitor in our nets – from Usambara in Tanzania??

With ringing it can be a little like opening Christmas presents… you just never know what might turn up in your nets! This was very much the case for our last morning ringing at Mwamba the end of the first week before shifting to the Gede KEFRI plantation site. We’d been catching precious little in […]

Bird ringing training course at Mwamba

We’re in the middle of a bird ringing training course where I am training particularly a Tanzanian PhD student, Robert, but also some of the Mwamba team and volunteers. I had hoped to have more trainees come from Nairobi and from the local Arabuko-Sokoke Forest Guides, but for one reason or another (mainly lack of […]