Monthly Archives: October 2009

Teeming Rain and Team Building

  Mwamba is bustling after a few weeks of quiet around the centre.  With Director Colin and Programmes Coordinator Roni holidaying inland, and without a huge number of guests, the centre had been a bit empty, providing a great chance to do some maintenance and odd jobs.  In just a short time, one of the […]

Anti-bushmeat to local schools.

The last week saw two trips to local schools to bring them a lesson aimed at educating the children in the dangers of trapping and eating bushmeat . At Roka Primary School, around 100 children from all classes crammed into the classroom, whilst at Ngala Girls Secondary School we addressed around 30 students from the […]

Quizzes on the Far Side of the Forest

On Friday, a group of us took the trip to one of the furthest reaches of the ASSETS network, to facilitate a quiz between two primary schools – Malanga and Girimacha – on the eastern side of the Arabuko-Sokoke forest. This was the first round of the competition for the two schools, hoping to beat […]

Surprised at Sabaki

Sunday evening saw an intrepid group embarking on the monthly night-time tern count and crow monitoring.  The crows came first, counted as they came in to roost, to be followed by a full-moon lit tern count.  Racing down the highway to Malindi trying to outrun the sunset, we arrived in time to scale the tallest […]