Monthly Archives: November 2009

A last morning treat and surprise despite the lack of mist

I went to bed with the feeling that we wouldn’t probably be getting much mist during the night. However I duly woke at 2a.m. and sneaked around the room to not wake the slumbering volunteers and once dressed unzipped the door and stepped out into the cool night air to see… not a wisp of […]

The perfect Ngulia effect at Lions Bluff – it works!

Fri 20th Nov 2009… Titus had done a check on the conditions at midnight and had not woken me so I woke at just before 2am to have a look, stuck my head out of the tent door and knew immediately that things were looking good – there was mist gently wafting all around! The […]

Report from Ngulia for the 20th – a true Ngulia night at last

A short note to report on news from Ngulia as far as I’ve heard so far. I left Bernard “Scopus” Amakobe running it with Janette and reporting on progress. He sms’d me the following on the 20th: “The first real Ngulia night… real mist, real birds. Approx 1,800 birds. All spp you had plus I.gut […]

Could Lions Bluff, Lumo Conservancy, be a second Ngulia migration study site?

Following the last blog posting, I duly hit the sack and didn’t emerge until 5:15am to open the nets at dawn.. a beautifully crystal clear dawn with awe-inspiring views for miles and miles across the plains from Lions Bluff which stands some 200m above the surrounding plains. Whilst it was dire for catching migrants, it […]

Mist, 700 birds ringed, Asian Lesser Cuckoos, Blythes Reed? and Wild Dogs…

Well I finished off last night at around 2a.m from where I was sitting it didn’t look very hopeful. However once I’d packed the computer away and went out onto the patio to look properly the cloud was lower than I thought and there were in fact one or two birds flying around. By 3:30am […]

Grand total of 1,240 birds ringed in 10 days but great rollers & raptors

It’s getting rather tedious and repetitive to report that once again there was no mist… When I went to bed last night at 3:30am and Peter took over the watch, there was low cloud clearly lit up by the lights and even 4-5 birds that I saw dropping down and flying just below the cloud […]

The first vultures seen and some other raptors – but still no rain or mist

I arrived back at Ngulia yesterday evening to find a full team of 18 ringers all keen to get into action in ringing the legendary thousands of migrant birds that come down to the lights of the lodge under the right conditions… but still so far there has been not a wisp of mist when […]

Rhinos worrying ringers and still no mist…

Am sitting in Mtito Andei waiting for the Ngulia staff bus and where it is hot, hot, hot and dry though with some clouds around which I can only hope means there’s at least some moisture in the air – but we badly need them to dump some rain on the land… I figured that […]

Back to third, not second record of Greater Short-toed Lark for Kenya

Yes – I’ve heard back from Brian Finch, one of Kenya’s top bird guides and birders, who confirms he had a single bird in central Kenya in November 2003. That therefore makes this record of ours the third one – though he has yet to submit the record to the Rarities Committee (as do I!). […]

Has the drought returned? …still no mist or birds but more ringers arrive

I’m still in Nairobi but heading back to Ngulia tomorrow so this will be short but the news from the lodge via Titus is that yet again there was no mist last night and no sign of rain on the plains to add moisture to the air and therefore hopefully bring mist… instead the numbers […]