Monthly Archives: December 2009

Clear nights, elephant, rhino & Friedmann’s Larks

10th DecI’m actually a day behind on the blog – the post for the 8th was done at midnight last night (9th) in the face of a bitterly cold westerly wind (ok, ok – I know that might be a relative term for Europeans & north Americans, but for the likes of us coastal Kenyans, […]

A greener, wetter Tsavo brings hope for more migrants

It’s time for the second session of migrant ringing at the legendary ringing ‘hut’ of Ngulia Safari Lodge in Tsavo West National Park for 2009. I was up early in Nairobi after having got back from Naivasha and the work there over the weekend to get out to Nairobi airport to meet David (Pearson) and […]

Fundamentals of Ornithology and a dying Lake Naivasha

This past weekend I spent three days with some of my old colleagues and friends from the Ornithology Dept of the National Museums of Kenya – only its now called the Ornithology Section apparently. Kuria, Njoro, Chege, Malaki, Agatha, Musina and myself headed for Elsamere Field Study Centre on the shores of the lake and […]

Dakatcha Clarke’s Weaver Search

The past week has seen a team of intrepid bird-watchers and guides scouring the Dakatcha Forest for the endangered and elusive Clarke’s Weaver.  This bird is a great unknown, without any information recorded on its breeding habits, habitat or breeding season, so finding it presented a great challenge! I was representing A Rocha on the […]

Mechanical troubles…

In the last post from Lions Bluff, I told the tale of our hardy Toyota 4WD pick up having serious trouble with its gearbox just out of Voi on our return journey home… Well Henry had it opened up back in Watamu to see how bad the damage was… the answer? BAD. In fact a […]