Monthly Archives: February 2010

Dakatcha Woodlands in turmoil – woman killed by charcoal burners

Yesterday our A Rocha Kenya man-on-the-ground in Dakatcha, Katana, (c.f. previous post on Dakatcha regarding jatropha and the threat of a vast plantation of it as biofuel) came in to the office and reported on some very disturbing but also very encouraging news of the latest developments in Dakatcha. As you may be aware, apart […]

Ngulia update – probable first record for Africa: Blyth’s Reed Warbler

It’s now two months since I was at Ngulia – I had to leave early from the second session after just a couple of nights and head for South Africa for an awesome “white Zulu” wedding way out in the bush which was great to be at… but it did mean that I missed one […]

Blog comments

To my embarrassment (at least in the light of all those techies out there… remember I’m really only a birder!), I’ve only just figured out where all the comments go on our blogs! I’ve been using a different blogging programme and so hadn’t visited the main site for ages – but have just now and […]