Monthly Archives: March 2010

Major contravention of laws and ignoring of environmental issues with jatropha project in Globally important Dakatcha Woodlands

Further news on the fiasco of the proposed jatropha plantations in Dakatcha. This news from the NatureKenya guys on the ground in Dakatcha: “Following some local border controversy between Malindi and Magarini district, the felling of Brachystegia woodland in Dakatcha is stopped at least for now. Unfortunately, the stop order issued was not based on the environmental […]

Clearance of globally important Dakatcha Woodlands begins secretly but challenged by local community members

I posted something about the very serious possibility that a ‘green’ development to put in thousands of hectares of jatropha as a biofuel was threatening the survival of the globally important Dakatcha Woodlands. Well I received this from Dominic of NatureKenya who is based in the Dakatcha Woodlands area reporting on activities about two weeks […]