Monthly Archives: May 2010

Public hearing for jatropha project in Dakatcha Woodlands

It’s over a week since the Public Hearing for the Dakatcha Jatropha biofuel project and there has been some good feed back about it (including apparently today a full article in the Daily Nation about it). The meeting was held in Sosoni which is in the heart of the Dakatcha Woodlands IBA (Important Bird Area) […]

Jatropha is an unviable economic crop – it just does not make sense

As promised in the previous blog, some recent points we’ve learnt about Jatropha. In a report which is still be finalised that was commissioned and catalysed by GTZ (the German government development wing) which looked into just quite how viable jatropha is, they write the following: The current conclusion, based on experiences in Kenya and […]

Public hearing for jatropha biofuel project that threatens to destroy globally important Dakatcha Woodlands

The Dakatcha Woodland fiasco continues unabated. As an internationally important forest for biodiversity conservation and as an area that is a marginal agricultural area due to poor soils and low rainfall, you would have thought it a no-brainer for the Government to put its money where its mouth is when it has talked very eloquently […]

Putative Blyth’s Reed Warbler turns out different

Back in February I posted a blog about a bird that was caught at Ngulia just after I left in December that we thought was going to be the most exciting bird of the decade – a Blyth’s Reed Warbler Acrocephalus dumetorum that should not have been in Africa but rather India. Well, David Pearson […]