Monthly Archives: July 2010

Demonstrations against land grabbing of Globally Important wetland: Sabaki River Mouth

It doesn’t rain, but pours! Not only are the Dakatcha Woodlands & Tana River Delta under serious threat of destruction, but now the Sabaki River Mouth just north of Malindi is also threatened with destruction from illegal land grabbing. The Sabaki River Mouth is internationally important for the large congregations of waterbirds that gather to […]

Dakatcha Woodlands jatropha biofuel threat continues

This threat to the Globally Important Dakatcha Woodlands continues unabated from all accounts we hear. From what we hear, the local Administration are trying to get a title deed to now c.30,000 ha of the proposed 50,000 ha in a bid to ‘satisfy’ the conservationists that the forest will be excluded from the project. However […]

Some good news – the Roseate Tern colony on Whale Island seems free of rats

With all the bad news around what with some of our most precious and major sites for conservation being threatened with destruction, it’s good to have some positive news at times… Last week we made a trip across to Whale Island, a large rock just inside the Watamu National Marine Park, to visit the tern […]

Conservation staff threatened and attacked by Jatropha project mob

I have been away for almost a month since the public hearing on the jatropha project proposed for the globally important site for biodiversity conservation, the Dakatcha Woodlands. During that time, things have not cooled down or been sorted out at all. NEMA were meant to have produced a report and the proceedings from the […]