Monthly Archives: August 2010

Humour in the naming

As a bit of light relief… We regularly have people join us on our survey work as volunteers who are not very conversant in birds and who simply come along to enjoy being out and being part of something happening that is more worthwhile than just sitting on a beach. We enjoy having them join […]

Blatant disregard & disrespect of Kenyan laws by jatropha biofuels company

Yes. NEMA wrote a letter rejecting the Italian company’s proposal for the jatropha project, BUT the company had already started clearing forest and employing people even before the EIA was produced and any word of yea or nay was given from the Kenyan government. Not only that but despite this letter of rejection (which admittedly […]

Jatropha as agroforestry as opposed to monoculture??

Thanks to HM for your comments. Jatropha has indeed been shown to be a viable crop for farmers to grow, but really on when grown as a fence or hedge crop – set in amongst other plants and not, as you say, in a monoculture. This is effectively agroforestry. However this will take much more […]

The Return to Whale Island

Today we returned to Whale Island to carry on some surveying and ringing work on the Sooty and Roseate Tern colonies that had been started by Colin, Saidi and the team a couple of weeks ago. It was a beautiful morning and the team, headed up by Saidi headed out on a boat with captain […]

The fight for threatened coastal habitats goes on – Sabaki demonstration

Excuse a brief posting today… A week ago I reported on the demonstrations against the illegal land grabbing at the Sabaki River Mouth. The press have managed to get something printed in the papers and also some video was released on TV and is on YouTube. The link for this is: News today from […]

Bird Ringing at Turtle Bay

Today ARK had been asked to give demonstrations of bird ringing at the turtle bay holiday resort and to help alongside a local project studying avian flu by KEMRI (Kenya Medical Research Institute). From 7am till 10am the team was busy ringing and inputting data for the birds such as height and weight, catching 27 […]

Environmental Education at Mida Creek

My name is Paul Graham, I am from the UK and volunteering with ARK for three weeks this summer. I am very happy to be here learning and getting involved with the work that ARK does in the local area. Today I went along to Mida Creek, around a 20 minute taxi drive from the […]

First draft of Dakatcha Woodlands jatropha biofuel project rejected by NEMA

This is excellent news indeed. I have just read an email from NatureKenya with this information: # The casuals are still on the ground at the jatropha plantation site and there are unconfirmed reports that the investor is recruiting more workers # NEMA has reputedly rejected the project on the grounds that the crop was […]