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“Green” Africa Foundation meeting on Dakatcha jatropha promotes plantations despite evidence against

Yesterday in Malindi there was a relatively small meeting held (with only invited people, I understand) that was convened by the Green Africa Foundation (GAF) with the purpose of apparently “to bring together various interest groups who have been in a tug of war over the proposed setting aside 50,000 ha of land for jatropha […]

Latest news on conservation research at Sabaki

ARK’s usual research activities have continued FULL STOP at Sabaki River Mouth over the preceding week, and new research to aid in developing a management plan for the area has gained ground after a month of waterbird and visitor surveys. I (Kate from the University of Cape Town) have been lucky to work with the […]

This is the corrupt system we are fighting against to protect something of the world around us

I received this in an email just recently that was sent out to the AfricanRaptors mailing list in response to a discussion about whether conservation can alleviate poverty. It kind of sums up what we are up against in Kenya when we are seeking to protect a fragile and precious environment that a greed developer […]

Images from wader ringing on Mida Creek

I’ve just been sent a link to some images taken by Jane Del Ser who was with us on our August wader night on Mida Creek which give a good flavour of the night’s activities – thanks to Jane for sending us these! We didn’t get a huge number of birds that night, but it […]

Minister for the Environment, Hon Michuki, visits Dakatcha to assess jatropha project

On Monday 27th Sept, Hon Michuki, the Minister for Environment, visited Dakatcha in order to listen to what was going on and see for himself what the situation was and to give direction on the jatropha project that has caused so much alarm and outrage. In classic government fashion the news that he was coming […]

Where was the Finnish Terek Sandpiper found in 2008??

In answer to Jimmy’s comment on it would be nice to know where the Finnish recovery was actually found, I had written this on my facebook profile at the time when we were informed about the recovery. I paste it here for your information: I received an email from the Coordinator of the Ringing Scheme […]

ARK Team Nets 181 Waders at Mida Creek

A week ago last Sunday, the team gathered up all the BlueBand, SupaLoaf, and wader nets we could carry, piled into Duma, our blue Caldina station wagon, and headed down to Mida Creek for the monthly wader survey. We were quite a bit more successful this month, catching and ringing a staggering 181 birds, distributed […]

New and on-going research to protect Sabaki for birds and people

Among A Rocha Kenya’s score of ongoing projects, work at Sabaki River Mouth continues! Like many projects, the forces opposing conservation continue to threaten Kenya’s biodiversity (see previous posts to read about illegal land-grabbing which is occurring in the Sabaki area) – but fortunately, the research aimed at conserving this Important Bird Area moves ahead […]

Night Ringing, Deserves a Quiet Night

Towards the end of last month a band of 8 keen beans packed the car for night out on the mud flats of Mida Creek. They left at 5.00pm to set up 162 m of mist nets in the light of day. Just as the light was fading the last net was secured. Anna and […]