Monthly Archives: December 2010

Final tally: 17,174 migrants ringed – but no controls

It’s now almost two weeks since I left Ngulia. David Pearson, Bernard “Scopus” Amakobe and the others left on the 14th and David has sent the final tally of numbers – 17,174 of which 1,691 were Barn Swallows or House Martins which were tape-lured at the front of the lodge during the day and so […]

clear night followed by misty – famine and feast

The night of the 7th brought some excellent mist for a while from about half midnight. We had the nets up soon and caught for about 40-45 mins when completely out of the blue, the thick mist and busy catching (2 of us at each net extracting non-stop) a blast of freezing air (OK, that’s […]

Heavy rain, high mist, first Sedge Warbler, total 11,161 birds ringed

A very different night last night. A heavy rain storm came in at around 11pm and continued until almost 1am after which there was just a low cloud / high mist that didn’t really bring any birds down at all. During the rain, however, there was about 1/2 hour when apparently the birds dropping out […]

Marsh Warblers swamping out most other species

I’ve been away in Watamu for three nights and just got back this evening to find a cheerful team having managed to ring a total of 9,957 migrants so far this season, which is very reasonable. Mist has been bad, however, or rather it has been there but stayed high meaning you get a fee […]

Gambaga Flycatcher, Shikra and 1000s of Marsh Warblers at Ngulia

Internet access is worse than last year here at Ngulia so the chance to post blogs is even less. Also it has been wonderfully busy meaning I’ve had little time to sit and tap out any updates. It’s after 11pm now and I’m hoping to get up at 1am to assist with whatever ringing is […]