Monthly Archives: June 2011

Environmental Education at Malanga Primary School

Environmental Education is one of A Rocha Kenya’s most important conservation efforts, as it seeks to raise understanding and awareness of environmental issues in those children who live closest to the Arabuko-Sokoke Forest and have the greatest effects on it. Currently, the Environmental Education team goes out once or twice a week, and seeks to […]

Watamu Beach Clean Up!

On Friday June 27, A Rocha Kenya teamed up with guests from the Minnesota Zoo, local primary schools, and several local homeowners and businesses to do a beach cleanup in the Watamu area. Lasting from 8am until noon, this cleanup stretched over 10km, covering Watamu and Temple point, and collected 3205 kg of trash! Most […]

Biofuels rightly stirring up a storm in European press

The problem we’re facing with biofuels here in Africa is that it is pretty much 100% driven from Europe and cynics say that it is Westerners trying to relieve a guilty conscience for the carbon emissions they are spewing out by the ton from the huge ecological footprint lifestyle most are living. In other words, […]