Monthly Archives: August 2011

Beach Clean-Up!

This morning, A Rocha Kenya staff and volunteers teamed up with Watamu Turtle Watch to clean up the trash on almost 3km of beach. It was warm work, but very satisfying to look back along what we had done and see only sand and seaweed instead of plastic glinting in the sun! At the end […]

Roseate Tern colony in Watamu robbed of eggs by boys

A week ago, Corporal Said of KWS Watamu called me saying he had seen that there were clouds of birds over the islands way to the north of Watamu at Darakasi and asking if could go and look at them with him then and there. In the end we went on Thursday last week to […]

Forest land in Tana River Delta clarified as protected under KFS & not for sale

Another of the majorly contentious issues in the Tana River Delta over the past year or more has been the sale of land in a pretty underhand sort of way – ‘public’ auction of ranches yet behind closed doors and with the prerequisite that you had already paid something in the region of Ksh 1 […]

Team Day for the A Rocha Kenya Team!

Tuesday August 16 was a quiet day around Mwamba… because we were all out! Carol and Belinda had been planning this day for a few weeks, and wouldn’t tell us what was coming until the day arrived. So we were instructed to be ready to leave Mwamba at 7 (!) for the start of the […]

National Env Management Authority director suspended over Dakatcha biofuel issue

I have been sent this link to a newspaper report on the suspension of a NEMA Director for having given clearance for the Dakatcha jatropha biofuel project when the NEMA Board had not cleared it. There was clearly some dodgy stuff going on (exchange of $$??) that led to this. This really is an answer […]

Jatropha shown to fail to deliver almost everywhere worldwide

We have been plugging away for a couple of years now saying how planting huge (in fact any) areas of Jatropha curcas as a biofuel crop is a seriously bad idea for both the environment and the local communities and also the country’s economy. This is particularly in the light of proposed jatropha plantations in […]