Monthly Archives: November 2011

Final tally, new species for Ngulia & wildly coloured pigeon

I had to leave Ngulia to get back to Watamu on the 30th November and the night was a clear one – no mist – and so… no birds. However we still opened the nets in the morning to see what we’d get and as we’d had the tapes on playing the song of Marsh […]

2,650 migrants ringed in a very smooth operation at Ngulia

Finally a night with ‘perfect’ mist! Action started at 00:30hours with the nets going up and very quickly we needed to wake most of the ringers up to come and assist in extraction, ringing and releasing. There had to be 3 extractors working non-stop on both nets in order to keep things under control at […]

Incredible, outrageous movement of Amur Falcons through Ngulia valley, Tsavo West NP, having come from China…

It was Jan, Fransie and Andrew’s last night and at least Fransie stayed up all night in the hope of setting nets as soon as the mist came in… which it did but only at 4:50am and only for about 15 minutes – enough to catch 6 birds…! All nets were opened at dawn and […]

A night to catch up on sleep…

Perhaps it was the heavy storm during the day that came in from the west, but whatever it was that caused it, there was no mist at night and dawn broke with thick layers of cloud but very high and with no sign of any landfall of birds in any numbers. We opened all 22 […]

Great conditions, great catch at Ngulia

When I hit the sack last night to sleep at around 11:30pm the mist was just starting to drift in and there was talk of putting the nets up sooner than later. Sure enough, the nets were put up at around just before mid-night and catching commenced immediately though not at a high pace – […]

A flood of Marsh Warblers & also several ‘Hippos’ caught & ringed

I left Ian, our Ngulia Ringing Group ‘night watchman’ + a few dedicated fellow mist watchers sitting on the wall of the dining room after dinner discussing whether they could put the nets up there and then since there was some thin mist around or whether they should wait until nearer mid-night since the leopard […]

Over 2000 migrants ringed & our first Icterine Warbler in c.7 years

The leopard came quite early during dinner and was followed at the end of dinner by a very cute cub leopard who climbed the tree to gnaw on the remains of the bone the adult had left behind – presumably Mum was somewhere nearby though I didn’t see her. I tried to get onto the […]

Thundering floods and storms hit Ngulia

I ended up last night with saying it was looking good for a busy night… Well, I couldn’t have been more wrong! About 10 mins after finishing writing at about 11pm, Ian, Niko and co. put the nets up – there was some low cloud and it looked like it might come lower and there […]

That’s more like it – 831 migrants ringed at Ngulia

The mist came in more the way we know it from around 10:30pm and nets were put up pretty much straight away esp since the leopard had come for his goat and tourists were heading to bed. However pretty much as soon as the nets were up a star or two appeared and a cold […]

Ngulia: First night was looking hopeful – but mist vanished into thin air

After the rain and thick mist last night at dinner, Ian did his usual staying up all night to watch for the mist coming in but the mist and rain dissipated around mid-night and a cool westerly wind set in that drove any hopes of real mist away. There were a few birds in the […]