Monthly Archives: March 2012

Finishing up Marine Work

Time has really raced the last few months for the marine team. Starting in January, Joy Smith an Oceanographer from Virginia, USA, joined me (Benjo) and together we really pushed forward with data collection on the reef. However all too quickly we’ve come to the end of this year’s field season, with weather set to […]

Marine Data Collection

For the past few months the marine team have started collecting baseline biological data about the coral reef here in Watamu. Baseline data is information about the general characters of the reef and its inhabitants, which is not designed to answer any particular scientific question, but rather provide a wide range of basic biological metrics […]

Dakatcha Woodlands finally safe from Jatropha biofuel threat

It has been a long haul to try and stop the Jatropha biofuel threat of at first 50,000ha of land being cleared for plantations, then 10,000ha and now finally NEMA have officially stopped the project from going ahead and the Clarke’s Weavers and Sokoke Scops Owls and other endangered wildlife as well as the community […]

Busy week for birds in Watamu & Arabuko-Sokoke Forest

Last week was a very busy week for the Research and Monitoring staff and volunteers. On Monday morning, we went to Sabaki for a shorebird, gull, and tern count. Sabaki town is at the delta of the Sabaki River (which is also the Galana River in Tsavo East, and starts in Nairobi as the Athi […]