Monthly Archives: April 2012

A dugong in Mida Creek – should we care?

I remember one time when I was swimming at Clearwater Beach in Florida. We saw some large shapes in the water near us and wondered if they were dolphins. As they came close and swam under us, they were clearly too big and slow. Manatees! Also known as sea cows, they are the Western Atlantic […]

Marine Photo of the Week

The photo of this week is of a beautiful Allard’s Anemone fish nestled in its anemone home. Made famous by the film Nemo, clownfish or anemone fish are a well known coral reef inhabitant, of which we have two species in Kenya along with the Skunk Anemone fish. Their ecology of living in symbiosis with […]

Marine Photo of the week

 As mentioned in a previous blog, the marine fieldwork has paused for a little while, but I will continue updating the blog with a marine photo of the week and little bit of information. This week the photo is of a large Acropora or table coral growing near Uyombo. Acropora is usually the most common […]

18th Fundamentals of Ornithology Course gets off to good start

In 1996 when I was working as a Research Scientist in the Ornithology Dept of the National Museums in Nairobi, I was tasked with the job of putting together a course for Kenyan birders and bird guides that would stimulate and enthuse them as well as equip them to become better birders. 17 years later […]