Monthly Archives: August 2012

Photo of the week

This week Bob Sluka (marine project director) was down on the coast with me (Benjo) to have various meetings and look at new directions for this field season. One area we wanted to investigate was night surveys, as this would potentially reveal a whole host of new species found on the reef, but hidden through […]

Marine Photo of the Week

This week I have been exploring areas outside of Watamu Marine Park, and venturing into the “Reserve”. The Reserve is a buffer zone extending from north of Malindi Marine Park to south of Watamu Marine Park in which artisanal fishing a marine resource collection is allowed, but other more damaging economic activities are prohibited. These […]

Mystery bird…

On the 13th of June, so just about 2 months ago, we found this bird on the beach nearby. We first thought it was a sooty shearwater, a rare bird, which was only recorded once before on the coasts of the Indian Ocean (by us too! in 2004). Excited about this rare find, we decided […]

Marine Photo(s) of the Week

Hi to all! I’m back in Kenya and feel I need to make up for my lack of communication by showing you not just one, but three photos of the week. Already I have been back out to sea, specifically taking photos of every different kind of coral I can in order to build a […]

Mida Creek Bird Club is born… & meets an elephant in Arabuko-Sokoke

A couple of weeks ago, I was at our community project at Mida – the 260m-long suspended walkway through the mangroves, and was approached by Juma who has become one of the main bird guides there for visitors who told me that a bunch of the youth there had got together and formed themselves into […]