Monthly Archives: November 2012

Ecstatic excitement around the ringing table at 4:30am at Ngulia over a small, dull ring

20th Nov. After the couple of hours sleep in the afternoon yesterday, the weather was hazy and the breeze was from the valley and after dinner the sky was overcast and it really felt like the mist was coming in soon. I had to organise a few things so didn’t get to bed till just […]

Finally a misty night and 1,000s of birds

19th Nov. It has happened at LAST!! After wondering if we’d ever get the mist which is so necessary at Ngulia to bring in the birds, it was looking potentially good at dusk (but then it often does..!) and sure enough I was woken by Hamisi, the night watchman who has really got into the […]

Ngulia Safari Lodge as awesome a ringing site as ever

18th Nov. The night started off with a bit of a drama: the main generator for the lodge had broken down and the support machine could not run all night and the news was it was going to be switched off between 2am and 4:30am – exactly the hours when we need it on for […]

The quiet season at Ngulia continues & Thrush Nightingales still dominate

17th Nov. At dinner of the 16th we had an unexpected visitor to the waterhole… the Leopard had come and gone and enjoyed his starter of a leg of goat and the Porcupine had also enjoyed their bread rolls… but then without warning a huge bull elephant rocked up at the waterhole and wandered around […]

Another Accipiter day at Ngulia – the 2nd ever Little Sparrowhawk caught here

16th Nov. A fully ‘dead’ night with no mist and totally clear skies and so no nets put up at night and just the full set of nets opened at dawn. More migrants than yesterday all the same – but still pathetically few: Thrush Nightingale: 9, Common Rock Thrush: 1, River Warbler: 1, Marsh Warbler: […]

A very UNwelcome large guest to Ngulia… and a new species for East African ringing list: Levant Sparrowhawk

So… I left off yesterday with having seen a Eurasian Sparrowhawk (more on this below)… but later that evening after dinner and just as some were heading to bed there was a commotion near the gents toilets from the night watchman and no, it was not one of the ringers causing trouble!, but an enormous […]

Clear night at Ngulia… and only 3 migrant birds ringed

Yes. It has happened – the dreaded totally clear, star-lit night at Ngulia when one wakes up every 1-2 hours and looks out of the window in the hope of seeing wisps of mist appearing from up the escarpment, the forerunner to thick mist and 100s of birds dropping out of the sky… but instead […]

Thrush Nightingale dominates catch at Ngulia, Tsavo West National Park

Day 2 of 2012 season and the mist only came in at around 3:30am giving us just 1 1/2 hours of birds coming in – but whilst the mist seemed quite good once again, the comparative number of birds was very few. However by the time we closed nets at 5:15am we had caught 123 […]

Marine Photo of the Week

This week I stumbled across a little toby (relative of the pufferfish) which I had never seen before. It was very camouflaged against the rocks and seaweed, and even after much examination of the photos I got of it I was unable to identify which species it is (if you know please tell me!). Besides […]

Tsavo West shimmering green & news of mist & migrant birds for the 44th year of monitoring at Ngulia

The 2012 season for the Ngulia Bird Migration Project – the 44th since it started in 1969 – has begun! Yesterday I arrived at the lodge in the heart of Tsavo West Nat. Park together with Andrew Kinzer, Silas Ekesa and Niko Gerhard and his niece Samina – Niko looking as much the pirate as […]