Another Accipiter day at Ngulia – the 2nd ever Little Sparrowhawk caught here

16th Nov. A fully ‘dead’ night with no mist and totally clear skies and so no nets put up at night and just the full set of nets opened at dawn. More migrants than yesterday all the same – but still pathetically few: Thrush Nightingale: 9, Common Rock Thrush: 1, River Warbler: 1, Marsh Warbler: 3 and Common Whitethroat: 7. However, once again, things were ‘saved’ from being totally dead by the appearance of a tiny wee raptor in the net – a juvenile Little Sparrowhawk Accipiter minullus with all the fiesty-ness of an accipiter (as Baz found out from the damage it did to his fingers!). This is only the second ever ringed here, the first being in 2005 – and what a stonker of a wee raptor he was! We did do some more swallows and in fact by the end of the day had 115 ringed making a daily total of migrants 136 and the grand total for the season so far: 856.

 Baz’s fingers being punctured by the Little Sparrowhawk

Little else to report other than some more good raptors esp a pair of African Hawk Eagles with one immature bird high over the lodge and, very strangely, an African Fish Eagle – not a lot of fish out here! A female Shikra was hanging around the lodge and netting site but somehow managed to avoid getting trapped and then late afternoon while having a swim a large very dark eagle cruised overhead with very broad wings and a short tail that had to be a Greater Spotted Eagle…

 female Shikra

 part of the 350 nest strong Village Weaver colony by the staff village


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