Monthly Archives: January 2013

Rockpools of Watamu Marine National Park

We started the week here at A Rocha by a staff visit to see the local rockpools. Bobby Sluka (age 12) worked hard on collating pictures the Sluka family had been taking over the previous weeks into a rockpool guide that was laminated and tested for use by the staff. We saw loads of creatures […]

Hooting for clues: Sokoke Scops Owls in Dakatcha Woodlands

Any of you who are familiar with the bird research done here at A Rocha Kenya will have heard of the Sokoke Scops Owl.  This charismatic little bird is globally endangered and only found in the Arabuko-Sokoke Forest and the Usumbara Mountains of northern Tanzania.  At least, that’s what you’ll read in the bird books, […]

Marine Research

We had a great few days of research for the marine team. We were visited by Dr. David Obura of CORDIO who helped us set up some permanent coral monitoring transects. Benjo will be working on this as a part of his Ph.D. project. Was great to have my son along (Bobby age 12) surveying […]

John Gitiri – volunteering with A Rocha Kenya

My name is John Gitiri and my home is the Kinangop plateau in central Kenya and I am currently an intern with the Ornithology Section of the National Museums of Kenya. I have always developed my interest in conservation and in particular I have focused in learning more about birds and wetlands areas. A Rocha […]

2013 Marine Field Season Commences

We are really excited about the upcoming field season for A Rocha Kenya’s Marine Conservation and Research Programme. Benjo arrived safely back in Watamu yesterday and Bob and his family have been at Mwamba this past week laying the ground work for some exciting new projects. We’ll continue to post some of the new discoveries […]