Monthly Archives: January 2014

Colossians 1:10 – A standard for marine research?

We often don’t think that the Bible has something to say about research. Of course, the issue of scientific research isn’t explicitly addressed in the Bible. After all, what we call science came to be much later. However, we do know that the Bible can be applied to all aspects of our lives and that […]

The Environmental Education Resource Centre.

Walking into the Mwamba Nature trail right now could be quite adventurous! A fast-paced construction, set to house our Environmental Education Resource Center and offices is underway. The relatively spacious building is set to be well equipped to offer a conducive learning environment for school groups and other environmental enthusiasts visiting our center. This will […]

Hawkfish and Sandperch!!

Many of us may have had or still do have aquariums in our houses or in our work places. Hawkfish are one of the groups which are collected for such tanks despite their slightly aggressive, territorial behaviour. Other than the details of keeping the species in an aquarium, not much is known about them. Hawkfish […]

A prayer well answered!

Eco-tourism has been the main source of funding especially for our community and conservation work. Funds collected from our Eco -facilities have been pivotal in the sustainability of our projects. However breaking down of the Gede Ruins Tree platform was one problem that wrecked our minds in the last quarter of 2013. We desperately tried […]

The Turtle Bay Christmas Charity Auction

  Turtle Bay Hotel has been one of our most consistent supporters as A Rocha Kenya. True to what it is popularly referred to “Kenya’s responsible resort”, the hotel works commendably well in improving standards of living of its neighboring communities. An annual event referred to as The Turtle Bay Christmas Charity Auction is normally […]

The Kenya Bird Map Project

  A Rocha Kenya has for many years played a vital role in scientific data input especially in the distribution and status of bird species in Kenya and East Africa. Through intensive scientific research and monitoring, our team has been able to collect reliable data that can be used in Conservation management. Recently our Research […]