Monthly Archives: May 2014

Cross-cultural experience at ARocha Kenya

Cross-culture is one of A Rocha’s core-commitments and it’s a privilege working with people from all corners of the globe. We believe that each one’s presence is a blessing to the communities in varied ways. We are therefore glad to welcome Jaap Gijsbersten and his family to A Rocha Kenya. The family has been at […]

Mapping Kenya’s birds – website now operating!

In January we reported on the start of the Kenya Bird Map an ambitious project that A Rocha Kenya has been instrumental in getting started that is mapping the current distribution of Kenya’s bird species and comparing it with the atlas of birds that was carried out in the late ’70s and early ’80s. The […]

Ecosystem based God’s Farming?

Human activities have changed the character and quality of our soils over time. We have destroyed protective vegetation cover and have kept soil bare for long periods of time as we have actively added chemicals to the soil. All these activities have impaired and even destroyed the ability of the soil to carry out its […]

Fundamentals of Ornithology 2014

05.45 I wake up five minutes before my alarm. Outside it is still dark but the first signs of the new morning are already floating into my room. A soft melodious song tells me the Easter Bearded Scrub-Robin has already woken up. I walk into a cool morning breeze after a refreshing shower. In front […]

Dakatcha Livelihood Project

Question is; why God even in farming?  Where is the connection? Crop farming is the principal economic activity in Coastal Kenya; especially for inhabitants found further mainland. However practices such as slash and burn, poor soil management techniques coupled with severe deforestation has led to lots of erosion and depletion of nutrients with studies showing […]