Monthly Archives: June 2014

Environmental Education At Karara

Do we ever think about how life is going to be for our children, children’s children 50 years from now? How do we expect them to lead healthy lives when we have already destroyed natural systems to an extent that they are unable to regenerate themselves? We live in an era where more and more […]

Tourism and marine ecosystems

As a Christian organization in conservation we believe we are called by God to take care of his creation (Gen 1:26). We thrive to promote sustainable use and care for God’s creation, in collaboration with Kenya Wildlife Services (KWS) we aim to create awareness to beach operators and tourists to adopt environmentally practices in marine […]

Gede Farming God’s way plot

When soil (the essential ingredient in any farming enterprise) is in poor health, plants cannot grow to their full potential. Undisturbed by man, soil is usually covered by a canopy of shrubs and trees, by dead and decaying leaves or by a thick mat of grass. Whatever the vegetation, it protects the soil when the […]