Monthly Archives: March 2015

Benefits of the Acacia Tree.

About 80% of Kenya is arid and semi-arid. These areas have been associated with less or no productivity. Most of the trees found inĀ  these areasĀ  shed leaves during the dry season. The leaves do not decompose easily in absence of moisture, hence low soil fertility. Most tree species would not do well in such […]

Environmental Education in Primary Schools.

Last year A Rocha Kenya was privileged to have an intern, Lydia Kayaa, who conducted environmental education lessons in 16 primary schools in Bamba and Dakatcha areas. Pupils were shown a film, Running Dry, which focuses on the threats of deforestation and desertification to rivers. The pupils were also engaged in practical conservation sessions including […]

Declining of Marine Resources;Uyombo Village.

In a typical early morning of January 2015, fishermen in small dug-out canoes head out to the sea. Occasionally, sail boats magnificently creep through the waters past the canoes that seem troubled even by weak waves. The mission is to bring food on the table. Increasing populations and entry of more fishermen into artisanal fishing […]