Monthly Archives: June 2015

A Glance at the Intertidal Zone.

The intertidal zone is a highly dynamic area but one that plays important ecological roles as well as providing economic or livelihood benefits. The intertidal zone is the area that is periodically inundated or exposed depending on the tidal regime. This forms habitats such as rocky shores, sandy beaches, mudflats and sea grass beds. Due […]

Politicians must follow the Pope, say Christian Conservationists.

Climate Change is a global plight, its damage on ecosystems affects all creation. Each human has a stake in tackling climate change since we all need a habitable earth. A Rocha organisations have welcomed the new Papal Encyclical. It has a strong moral message on the environment. Read here  

Care of Creation Training.

Towards the end of May A Rocha Kenya conducted a training on Care of Creation in five villages in Dakatcha. Since moisture (water) plays a pivotal role in the wellbeing of the rest of the creation, the filmĀ  Water Running Dry was shown. Looking at theĀ  dire consequences of desertification as projected on the film, […]

Breeding Sites of Clarke`s Weavers.

Clarke`s Weaver (Ploceus golandi) is a threatened species whose breeding sites have been sought by bird enthusiasts for the last one and a half decades. In 1998 A Rocha Kenya led by Colin Jackson, and partners visited Dakatcha Woodlands where the birds are believed to be breeding. This was the first of the series of […]