Monthly Archives: August 2015

Five things no one will tell you about when joining A Rocha Kenya

It has been an exciting,eye opening and educative journey  with A Rocha Kenya; a christian conservation organization that is part of the  larger International Network of A Rocha organizations in 19 countries around the world. With offices in Nairobi and Watamu, A Rocha Kenya aims to conserve and restore threatened habitats and biodiversity through research, environmental action, […]

“The Raising Voice of an Empowered Community”

“Character gets you out of bed; commitment moves you to action, faith, hope and discipline enable you to follow through to completion.” This statement best describes how community forest associations have sprung into advocacy action after a series of trainings with A Rocha Kenya and working as well as walking (literally and figuratively) with the […]

Linking Forests and reefs conservation

Coral reefs ecosystems are complex marine habitats, very valuable to societies but very vulnerable. Currently they are on the verge of disappearing because of numerous threats facing them. Just as complex as they are, their management is also complex. Many strategies have been brought forward, what works and what doesn’t has never been easy to […]

Reflections on the A Rocha Kenya 2015 Summer Field Course

By Cyrus Hester… If you’re reading this, chances are you’re wondering whether the A Rocha Kenya Field Course is right for you. Is it worth it? What will I be doing? Is it too long, too far, too short, or too close? I had the same debate once… Alright, maybe more than once. Of course, […]