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The fate of our Important Bird Areas…

Arabuko Sokoke forest is the only remaining strip of what used to be health and continuous Coastal dry forest in mainland Africa stretching from Northern Mozambique to Southern Somalia. With an area of only 420km square remaining, the forest still remains to be very important for conservation to both local and international. Being a unique […]

Eliminating the villain – Lantana Camara

Lantana camara Originating from Mexico, Lantana camara of the Verbanacea family was introduced to Kenya in 1930. Since its introduction as an ornamental shrub, the invasive Lantana camara has spread to most parts of the Kenyan ecosystems including rangelands, wetlands, natural and planted forests, agricultural lands, urban areas, among others. Research has showed that Lantana […]

The Power of Team Work…..TIME OUT well spent

Even through the aroma of the tantalizing samosas Mathias the chef had prepared for the team, you could still smell the excitement in the room. This was indeed a special day. It looked like a great reunion filled with handshakes, patting backs and laughter as the A Rocha Kenya family from around the country piled […]

August News Letter

A Rocha August Newsletter (Issue 6)

Participatory management of Marine Protected Areas

Living in at the coast, the sites and sound of miles and miles of clear blue seas is familiar. You could easily be overwhelmed just by looking at it, beautiful and glistening in the sun, the mighty water crashing on the reef crests and strong Kusi winds that are of great delight to the avid […]